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Piezo Resistive Ink

piezo resistive ink

Piezo resistive Inks

MAGRON piezoresistive inks shows a strong variation of the electrical resistance upon mechanical deformation, allowing the implementation of force, pressure and stretchable sensors on different types of substrates. Some applications are:

  • Biomedical: Pressure mattress for beds, smart Insole for foot pressure monitorization; blood pressure measurement; urinary pressure measurement,…

  • Automotive industry: Control, touch buttons and monitoring sensors; pressure sensors on car seat and to measure measuring hydraulic systems; Accelerometers, which measure g-forces,…

  • Household Appliances: Wall force sensors, smart walls; sensors for washing machines, pressure floor, TV controller,…

  • Smart Textiles and Wearable applications

  • Sports equipment: rackets, knee brace, smart gloves,…


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